This Generation - CtrlZak

Generation has had a busy and wonderful April, and a happy Easter celebrating with one of our favorites - the Hybrid Collection. Subsequent to a little detour reporting back on Milan Design Week, we return to ‘This Generation – meet the Designer' theme, it is only fitting we share the story CtrlZak; the designers behind the Hybrid range. 

The unique and somewhat controversial Hybrid Collection, by Seletti, was created by CtrlZak with the intent to reflect on the complex history of the production of porcelain and the interchange between the aesthetics of the Eastern and Western design. As the Chinese for centuries were innovators in the production of ceramics, and Europe has mimicked their honoured traditions for years. Over time, this relationship has changed hands, with the Chinese products of today imitating that of European origin. This contrasting relationship or split personality is so appropriately represented by dividing each piece of tableware into Eastern and Western halves resulting in a surprising contemporary twist and strong overall design. The Hybrid pieces are clearly divided between East and West with a coloured line marking the break between the two styles, and each side being of a different colour palette and motif.

Hybrid Valdrada Fruit Bowl

Half and half. Well, so it seems. Owing to the popularity of this revolutionary idea of breaking up and then rejoining the two cultures of design as one piece, unlike the earlier inspiration of the CermamiX range, the plates, bowls and cups in the new Seletti Hybrid range are cast as single objects in bone china.

Hybird Clarice Set of 3 Large Glasses

Hybrid Melania Vase in porcelain 

A still of pieces from the Hybrid Collection  

Although the Hybrid collection is based on intricate and respected designs, the collection pieces have been made to be loved and used. The tableware is dishwasher safe and suitable for an everyday home. Please visit our website ( or come see us in store at Hype Park Corner and pick out some of your favourite variations of the Hybrid designs.

Hybrid Euphemia Espresso Cup and Saucer