Celebrating Dads with DieselLiving with Seletti

Finding the perfect gift for Father’s Day is effortless with a choice of two styles of Diesel Living by Seletti to choose from The Machine Collection and Cosmic Diner available in store. We will have your gift wrapped and hand delivered in Johannesburg. Simply phone or email us at Generation (+27 11 325 6302/5963 | info1@generationdesign.co.za) and we will get onto it.

Check out the ranges below or visit our website www.generationstore.co.za to view more gifts for that special Dad in your life.

MACHINE COLLECTION is a ceramic interpretation of the gears and cogs of industry, rendered with toothed edges and impressions, finished in an industrial white or transparent glass. The full collection gets its inspiration from the global imagery of mechanics, and consists of plates and bowls, cutlery, containers, glasses and mugs. A full range meshed together for a full dynamic setting.

COSMIC DINER is the visionary and poetic tableware collection inspired by the universe. The Starman vase replicating an astronaut down to the smallest detail; the Rocket salt and pepper grinders in the shape of missiles; and the Meteorite glasses that, electroplated with nuanced gold finish and available in two sizes, are made of blown glass with a double chamber. Hand Rockets are heavy brass candle holders; the shape has been designed to be complete rocket silhouette when not in use. Its form can be modified when used with a candle, with the removable lid that can be used as a flame stopper.