Generation is passionate about exclusive Italian designer furniture, such as armchairs. De Padova's designer armchairs are among the most iconic furniture designs in the world, with many of them designed by industry heavyweights, the likes of which include Vico Magistretti, Phillipe Nigro, Patricia Urquiola and Ingo Maurer. Each of these design giants has treated their creations as sculptures, allowing the pieces to stand alone, as functional art. What is most important, as is the case with all De Padova items, is their subtlety. In fact, it was architect Vico Magistretti that said, 'Simplicity is the hardest thing in the world to achieve' and that's the reason we love De Padova, it is luxurious and simple at the same time. Contact us (click here) or visit our store in Hyde Park, Johannesburg.