December is the time to kick back, put your feet up and enjoy a holiday in a secluded and exotic location. Before you hit the road, get ready for a season of adventures by shopping at our store and picking up our ready and wrapped 'Gifts To Go', get the 'Glamping' look spot on and indulge in designer decor and gifting that will make this summer a great one. A trip to our Hyde Park Corner interior design store in Johannesburg will transport you to somewhere wild, wonderful and otherworldly to get you in the holiday mood.

Our 'FESTIVITIES IN PARADISE' theme for the holidays has a distinctly green-and-gold scheme (which happens to be very topical, considering we're in the Rugby World Cup semi-final this weekend), which we've carried through to our gifting. Items from the utterly gorgeous Italian designer Seletti's Memorabilia Gold collection are the perfect designer gift for sentimental collectors who also love a bit of bling! With a story behind each piece, the these are the gifts that keep on giving!





The concept behind Seletti's Memorabilia Gold range can be found in its slogan 'Fishing for my Memories'. Inspired by ideas of nostalgia and childhood memories, Seletti has recreated cult objects in a timeless material - fine porcelain, which double up as decoration.

Incredible wallpapers by Robin Sprong Wallpaper in Cape Town help to set an exotic otherworldly theme but at the same time embrace a very South African aesthetic. The Crazy Banana Palms are reminiscent of the lush and tropical jungles of KZN, working perfectly with our cheeky Seletti monkey lamps. The glamorous snakeskin speaks of our rough and rugged bushveld and forms the perfect backdrop to our 'Glamping' (glamorous camping) setting. Pop into our store and meet our interior design team who will walk you through how to enjoy the great outdoors in style.



We are offering all of our valued clients less 30% on the glamorous MIDAS CUTLERY set to celebrate the launch of our brand new website and the beginning of the festive season