This Generation - Bernard-Albin Gras

Returning to our 'This Generation- meet the designer’ theme, and with new Lampe Gras arriving in our Hyde Park store soon - it is only appropriate that we share the story of Bernard-Albin Gras. Bernard-Albin Gras was the son of a draftsman and a homemaker in the small town of Saint-Raphaël, France. He was considered one of the most innovative designers of the 20th century. As an Architect, Engineer, and Designer he was renowned for the creation of the ‘Gras’ lamp.

Bernard-Albin Gras

The La Lampe Gras lighting collection was created as a series of lamps for office and industrial use during 1921. The timeless details and functional aesthetics of the Gras lamps, desk lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lights, and wall lights were considered as an original innovative design ahead of its time. The arms, stems, brackets, and bases of the Gras lamps are ergonomically designed, making them user-friendly for both residential and commercial uses.

215 - Graphical, solid and distinguished looking it is a must-have for any self-respecting aesthete.

Just after the war, the interest in his work interconnected to its aesthetic and functionality grew and the Gras lamp captured the Golden Age of design in France; defining the style of that period. Gras’s lamps were soon found in machine shops, research laboratories, design studios and operating rooms. Architect Le Corbusier even enveloped the design for his own projects because it correlated his idea of the perfect object/tool: a form reduced to its pure function, free of superfluous ornament.

205 - Perfect on a desk, a sideboard or a low-table.


411 - Floor lamp: an ideal height (120 cm) next to a sofa, it will be so gracious and discreet.

A new addition to the iconic brand, is a great selection of different shade finishes, from a frosted glass to a new raw copper shade. Lampe Gras is a company based in the past; with an outlook towards the future. 

Here at Generation; we find that no interior is complete without considered lighting. From a stylish yet practical 205 desk light to the ever elegant 215.

Next to your favourite occasional chair, Lampe Gras is the perfect brand to bring that sophisticated, yet functional, look into your interior. 

Lampe Gras continues to be used in interiors today, without the slightest alteration or modification to its original design. Bernard-Albin Gras’s talented and visionary design has most certainly proven to be timeless.