#GenerationSummer Tuscany

As the season progresses from October to January, we escape to the serene Tuscan countryside to bask in the heat and long summer months.

We’re invited this time, to a villa in the rolling hills of Northern Italy. This is La Dolce Vita. Strolling about the sun-bleached orchards and vineyards: our focus is on the Italian love affair with entertaining and appreciating good food and drink.                 

Over sized armchairs allow for long afternoons spent poolside. The T54 Chair from DePadova is taken from the archives of Bonacina 1889 and redesigned by Fratelli Monti in 1954. It is the perfect chair to watch the clouds slowly moving over the sky on long summer days.

DePadova’s Sundance directors chairs are the perfect seating for your entertainment areas. Folding, light, versatile, a comfortable chair with padded arms. Ideal for outdoor use, around a table or by the pool with options of either black or white removable covers.

The Sundance chairs retail at R9,550.00 each