Generation Presents: Meet the Artists

The perfectly curated space is the involvement of art, design and lifestyle.


In conjunction with Hyde Park Corner’s Décor show (1-10th of April) Generation store will be discovering the correlation between interiors and art, incorporating the works of Conrad Bo and Simphiwe Mlangeni. As interior designers, Generation sees art as an intrinsic part of a completed interior. Launching with a private function on Thursday evening on April 4th, with the artists in attendance, it promises to be something out of the ordinary. For those who don’t want to miss out, the installation will run up until the 14th of April, with a second setting to be found in Woolworths Court, so pop into the store and enjoy!


  Simphiwe Mlangeni:


“Being an artist is a lifestyle” says Simphiwe Mlangeni. This is not strikingly so, having grown up with a father who’s a sculptor and performing artist. Born in Soweto, Simphiwe often describes himself as the “new Soweto lost generation”, due to his mixed background which is as diverse as his art; ranging from sculpting, painting, print making and video making. Much of Simphiwe’s work features repetitive motifs, representing his childhood being reared by his grandmother. The water tap represents her nurturing love, whilst the trees represent the artist himself.

Simphiwe sees the Superblur Art Movement as something that is new, something that “comes out of inspiration”, with a monochrome colour palate and use of black enamel paint, being the distinguishing elements of Simphiwe’s work.


Conrad Bo:

A stark distinction to Simphiwe’s work is Conrad Bo, who’s painting style translates through his Superblur and Superstroke Art Movement. Growing up in Witbank, Conrad started drawing and painting at a young age.  In 2008, the manifesto for the Superstroke Art Movement, formed by Conrad himself, became an internationally acclaimed Art movement across the globe. Such style is the cornerstone of the art produced by Conrad.

Conrad’s work is synonymous with the extensive conceptual use of “calculated chaos”, surrounding the theme of social and historical issues, achieved through the Superblur and Superstroke art techniques. The result- expressive, at times violent brushstrokes, combined with symbols, writings, drippings, comments on social issues, morality and identity. Another identifiable element in his art is the plus (+) sign, that represents an increase in positivity, a favourable condition, a sign of peace and help.