Effortless contemporary classic, get the look

Summer days in Johannesburg are the perfect combination of sunshine and afternoon showers, and this living room is perfectly suited to both. The crisp white of the Raffles sofas keeps the room fresh and clean, while the beautiful brick fireplace adds warmth when necessary. A balance of tones makes this calm sophisticated space inviting to the family, for a post dinner discourse with friends, or simply solo reading in a sunny spot. Architecturally the lines are classic, but have been pared down to the minimum, adding a contemporary edge, and the timelessness of the furniture fits perfectly into the aesthetic.

Recreate the Look:

Architecturally the lines int his living room are classic, but have been pared down to the minimum, adding a contemporary edge, the timelessness of the furniture’s design fits perfectly into the aesthetic.  The lighting and fireplace add elements of interest, as well as ambiance in the evening, though even the art has been kept simple to maintain the overall calm.

Raffles sofa, by DePadova

The Raffles sofaby Vico Magistretti for DePadova references British styling of old, however its ample proportions create a more relaxed contemporary feel, than the stuffy parlour classics.

Dan tables, DePadova

The Dan tables work perfectly together in this space, whether with a timber top, black, or white- the simple leg in aluminium is partially responsible for adding to the contemporary feel. These tables are so versatile, and look beautiful in a living room, bedroom or even pause area.

Louisiana, DePadova

The Final and signature piece that creates the understated sophistication of the space, is the Louisiana armchair, also by Vico Magistretti. This icon of design adds a certain weight to the aesthetic,  by quietly confirming an appreciation of beautiful things, as well as being extremely comfortable. This piece speaks for itself and can be usedthroughout the home, where that special touch is needed.