This Generation: Alexander Åhnebrink


DePadova is in the spotlight this month, as we will be hosting a launch with the CEO of DePadova/Boffi in our showroom in March, looking back, from the inception of the brand until now. This exclusive event will be the first time that Roberto Gavazzi will be in South Africa with the brand and we are so excited to engage with him and share what he has to say, with you.

It is with this occasion in mind that we have decided to launch our 'This Generation- meet the designer' theme, with one of the latest releases by DePadova: the Firefly portable LED light.


Alexander Åhnebrink


When talking of Design, one can never look at the finished product as an autonomous piece. One has to consider it as the culmination of the years of study, brainstorming, prototyping and trying ten different angles, before the perfect balance between aesthetic and function have been achieved. So,  we have chosen 2017 as the year to introduce you to the designers that are behind pieces we bring to you, from DePadova, Seletti, TrueGrace, Leff, Lampe Gras and others. To give a bit of background on what has happened in their lives, to get them to the point of being a designer for one of Europe’s top design Brands.

We start with Alexander Åhnebrink the Swedish designer who brought us the endearing and versatile Firefly lamp, from DePadova. Born in Gothenburg, Sweden, he moved to London to study design at the Central Saint Martin’s College of Art& Design and graduated in 2002. Following graduation he moved to Milan to become co-head of the design studio at Atelier Bellini, managing a design team responsible for projects for design industry icons like Walter Knoll, Steelcase, Driade, poltrona Frau, Thonet and Vitra. After cutting his teeth in Milan, Åhnebrink started his own design agency, Aå design which offers product and interior design, and visual communication. Making a name for itself handling audio design projects ( design of 3M experience showrooms in Stockholm and Copenhagen.) As well as collaborating with Studio Berg in art direction in the fashion industry.

Following a stint at lenovo on their innovation team, Åhnebrink currently heads up the creative department of Sparks industries in Shanghai,

Firefly, by AlexanderÅhnebrink for DePadova

The Firefly was originally designed as a collaboration between Åhnebrink, Dashilar Platform and local craftsmen from the Dashilar Houtongs in Beijing. Åhnebrink drew inspiration from the ancient Chinese who would trap fireflies in semi-transparent containers, and use them as portable lighting. Lanterns have since played a central part in Chinese culture through to present day. The small densely populated houtongs of today often do not have access to reliable electrical supply and so safe portable lighting is still greatly in demand.

The collaboration brought together modern technology and the highly skilled traditional craftsmanship of locals from Dashilar. The combination of hand blown glass, which provides a soft shade for the LED light source, and the hand sewn leather carry strap, make this light the perfect combination of old and new.

Available in the Generation showroom in Hyde park now- come by to see them in person, and take home one of these beautiful creations by Alexander Åhnebrink for DePadova.