Design Joburg: 'The Sample Library'

Generation is very honoured to be a part of a beautiful collaboration with architect Joe Van Rooyen of JVR Architects and Interiors for Design Joburg. Come and view our ‘Sample Library’ from Friday and engage in a physical experience of beauty at the Sandton Convention Centre.  

This installation communicates a design interpretation of an Architect’s sample Library by observing at the notion of crafting ideas throughout the curation and execution of them. The stand was custom designed to evoke inspiration to all who ‘inhibit’ the space through a meticulous layering of deign language that speaks to the vision of all of us. ‘The Sample Library’ represents a physical space, an intimate creative environment in which people can imagine themselves in.

Joe and Julia have woven together this ingenious space interlocked with sensitivity and longevity that is thought to inspire creativity. The look and feel of their work is based on raw products such as wood, steel, leather and clay. Much like that seen in the craftsmanship displayed in the featured LL04 piece, by the late Maarten Van Severen for De Padova, with the natural patina of leather fixed to the raw stainless steel frame. The crafting of the architect’s scale models out of exotic timber from chisels to coach building tools used in the early 1900’s by Make Furniture, Forest Flooring and Rubio Monocoat. The raw hewn steel transformed by Pazz Design into a sculptural dimension.

'Sample Library' Graphic feat. LL04

We look forward to seeing you there.


Date: 12 – 14th May 2017.

Time: Doors are open from 10 am.

Venue: Sandton Convention Centre.

Tickets can be purchased on