Milan Report Back

After an inspiring week exploring all that was on offer at Salone del mobile Milano 2017 we are excited to share with you the new and exciting work being produced by our iconic brands DePadova and Seletti.

The well renowned DePadova brand showcased the relaunch of their Santa Cecelia showroom. Showcasing a new image and new products alongside well-known pieces. Santa Cecelia has taken on an innovative layout approach, with the intent to create a space where every light, object, and piece of furniture is chosen with care and taste - cultivating the feeling of a real home. This “real home” feeling was excellently conveyed by DePadova in the Elle Decoration show house on display as part of Design week.

De Padova Santa Cecelia Showroom, Milan.

De Padova Stand, Salone del Mobile Milano.

On the Depadova stand itself we were pleased to discover new furniture pieces by the seasoned DePadova furniture designer Piero Lissoni.  DePadova will be adding the elegant Margherita chair and functional Mosaḯque modular sofa by Lissoni to their already iconic collection. Other new products that stood out for us were the simple yet elegant Cielo-Terra light by Studiocharlie, The Nota light by Elisa Ossino and a beautifully reworked Donzelletta chair by Michele De Lucchi. 

In complete contrast to the elegance and calmness of Depadov our other icon of design, Seletti, took design to the max, to the streets and to the people with design activations taking part throughout the city of Milan.

A highlight of the festivities held by Seletti was the DESIGN PRIDE parade, an explosion of design, fun and colour starting from Piazzale Cadorna, crossing the district of 5 VIE and finally ending its route in Piazza Affari. Seletti opened the procession with the celebration of some of their most significant collections and the notorious Cattelan’s “middle finger”. Close behind followed respected designers, banners, music and dance, parading through the city streets. To end off the affair everyone was invited to join the big party.

DESIGN PRIDE Parade, Milan.

Click on the link to view the official DESIGN PRIDE video:

On Tuesday the 4th April Seletti and Toiletpaper held an opening bar party at the Mediateca Santa Teresa, in the heart of the Brera Design District. The Toiletpaper BAR showcased an installation by Tino Seubert, where water and travertine were the stars for an unprecedented sensory experience.

Seletti also stole the show with the release of their new Banana Lamp. Holding to the brand’s witty and humorous spirit together with the uniqueness of Studio Job’s artistic imaginary, came the creation of this new product. The Banana Lamp is another perfect collaboration by Studio Job and Seletti

Seletti Banana Lamp

Until next year, Milano.